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Big Change . . . Small Package

It may come as a surprise that the company now known as Innovative Card Technologies (InCard) was founded in 1993. Originally, we were LensCard Inc. and began offering our LensCard to customers in 1998. These cards contain a small embedded magnifying lens that magnifies print over three times. Since then, 1.4 million of these extremely popular LensCards have been sold to 8 banks worldwide, reducing attrition for those institutions by 60% over the national average.

Though a successful product in its own right, we knew from the start that the LensCard was only the beginning for our company. InCard was interested in furthering the capability of payment cards in every way.

Our goal was to create miniature technology that would turn payment cards into multi-function, highly secure instruments. For card issuers, they are truly effective acquisition, activation, and retention tools; for consumers and corporations, they are the epitome of convenience and security.

Through strategic alliances and partnerships with leading technology corporations, we focused our efforts and dedicated ourselves to attaining the result that makes everything else possible: “Power Inlay Technology.” This advancement consists of a battery, circuit, and switch that can power an array of applications on payment cards.

This description of our product disguises the fact that our research and development of this technology have paved the way for nearly endless payment card applications.

Because Power Inlay Technology was recently perfected and patented, InCard finds itself on the cutting edge of a gigantic industry shift. We are poised to alter the entire payment card industry.

VISA immediately recognized the potential of InCard’s innovations and seized the chance for a landmark partnership. On May 2004, VISA helped pave the way for the future by signing a mutual exclusive global license agreement for Power Inlay Technology.

Now, InCard is making this technology available to Visa card issuers worldwide. This has opened the door for a revolution in consumer convenience as well as offering powerful data security and fraud protection tools to today’s corporations.

Groundbreaking Innovation
and the Experience to Make it Happen

Clearly, no company can succeed without skilled and visionary leadership. InCard is no exception. We have been fortunate to have leaders of the highest caliber.

InCard’s unswerving dedication to achieving the highest standards of quality is no accident. It’s founder, president, and CEO, Alan Finkelstein has become a respected authority on payment card industry needs, standards, and manufacturing processes. He currently is a member of the Joint Technical Committee on Information Technology for the International Standards Organization (ISO), as well as a member of the National Committee for Information Technology Standards (NCITS), the U.S. subgroup of the ISO and IEC. His guiding principals have helped InCard reach its goals and expectations.

John Ward, Director, was the former chairman and CEO of American Express Bank and the President of the Travelers Cheque Group. Additionally, Mr. Ward was a former member of the Planning and Policy Committee of the American Express Company. Prior to American Express, Mr. Ward was Executive Vice President of the Chase Manhattan Bank and Chief Executive Officer of Chase Bankcard Services.

Additionally, InCard’s Chief Technical Officer, Murdoch Henretty has over 20 years experience in card manufacturing and card security programs for Visa International. As Visa’s Director of Product Manufacturing & Secure Technology, Mr. Henretty developed and implemented the Global Security Standards Program and the Visa Products Standards and Specifications Program at all vendor locations worldwide. Other innovative programs introduced by Mr. Henretty included a card counterfeit recovery unit, a global counterfeit recognition program, and advanced security printing technologies and holographics. Few men are as qualified to oversee the safeguarding of the InCard product line.

Thanks to these stellar leaders, InCard finds itself in the forefront of a technological revolution with the power to completely alter the expectations of the card-carrying consumer. Expectations of what a payment card can do; expectations of what a payment card should do are about to change. The world is about to experience a wide range of technologies that will give Visa Issuers exclusive access to a new brand of card functionality.

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